Open Source Application Server

Open Source most commonly refers to the idea of the software source code being openly available to the general public for their use or to modify from its original free of charge.

Some examples of Open Source Application Servers are:

  • Wildfly: Wildfly was formerly called JBoss AS. It is an open source application server written in JAVA. This software supports the latest version known as JAVA Enterprise 7. Wildfly has two server modes for its execution the standalone mode and the Domain mode. The standalone mode is a single JVM traditional mode. The Domain mode goes across a number of processes and hosts to synchronize configurations.
  • Glassfish: Glassfish is an open source appserver sponsored through the Oracle Corporation but originated with Sun Microsystems. It makes JAVA EE available faster on the Glassfish platform, yet ensuring the compatibility. Glassfish has various Admin Channels. The Administration Console is the easiest and simplest to use. It is used to monitor the Glassfish Server as well as administering and configuration. The Glassfish Command Line Interface allows you to perform all of the administrative tasks with embedded intelligence.
  • Apache Geronimo: Apache Geronimo is an open source server with the best runtimes to meet the needs of system administrators and developers. One of the best features of this appserver is it contains the best of the open source programs to create the totally functional appserver. Apache Geronimo allows you to manage the software through a Web based system that is a user friendly and convenient way to use the Geronimo Server. The most recent version of Geronimo is certified with JAVA EE 6.
  • JOnAS: JOnAS is an appserver for use with JAVA EE hosted and developed by ObjectWeb. It is managed through a remote management feature to provide easy access tools allowing for deployment and uploading of server configuration, security management, and web apps.